live For Now
Discover Yourself
What must a seeker do to walk the way?

One must purify the Heart,mind and body ,be free of the false ego.You must develop the intuition [a power to see on the inner plane]  And must have reverence for all.This way we can prepare ourself to surrender to The Divine living in us.

The truth cannot be purchased. One has to discover it oneself. It is
No money or power can purchase it.
The truth is only when it is your own experience. No one can give it to you because you already have it. All that is needed is an inner search ,an inner penetration to the core of your being and you will find it. One has to be in company of a person who has the experience of Divine love . Then one can learn about the real treasures  in the Human body ,how to explore one self and live  in total Bliss. This is true adventure of ones journey on the planet

How may I lose myself,--- and find the soul

To lose myself,I must be lifted above myself, I must turn away from the transient life. And this is not possible,until the gate of the heart is opened to recieve the richest gift life can give ,--- The Grace Of The Lord.

The  Grace Of  God

I must seek him everyday.I must not have no wordly ambitions . Accept all sufferings and build tolerance.
I must welcome what ever comes to me ,joy pain,love and hate.I must realise that I am but a child and so must ever strive to do the Will of God .I must love slience in the midst of the world's noise and strife.Gradually ,I shall grow in the presence of God,seeing Him all around and everywhere.

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