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All Divine philosophies relate to soul and the realization of the absolute Bliss.

Its  practice starts only after the correct understanding of soul and God relationship..
Every soul is always searching for the absolute Bliss which is not the character of this world.The material bondage of the soul cannot be terminated and it cannot recieve its pure Divine form unless it recieves the Grace of God.
It is an amazing miracle of the Divine world that unlimited ,absolute ,endless and omnipresent existence of Divine Bliss of God infinitely concentrates into His Divine body and the Devotee saint [like Meera and Surdas]experiences the unlimited absoluteness of God's Bliss in His vision. This is the miracle of His unlimited power of Grace that makes it happen.With such a Blissful form, God is omnipresent.
He has all kinds of Blissfull qualities and powers. God [brahm] is always sakar and omnipresent. He is called nirgun, nirakar, ect.,because he is beyond mayic name ,form and gunas. He is called sagun sakar ,ect, because His divine personality has uncountable Divine virtues and powers. No one can personally relate to an omnipresent formless existence ,and there cannot be any real tangible experience of the Divine Bliss of God unless He is perceived. So God has a Divine body which is perceivable . He is form of Bliss and  Grace.

The Eternal abode , Divine Vrindaban , [the divine world] is limitless, beyond the existence of material time and space , omnipresent , and stands in its  own Glory.
It is the expansion of Radha krishn's personal Bliss, and is beyond the comprehension of a material mind. It is perceivable by a soul only through the Divine eyes recieved by Their Grace on the complete purification of the heart through the practice of Raganuga bhakti
[divine love consciousness].
A soul, truly aspiring for God ,meets a Rasik Saint . His heart recognizes the saint and his mind ,submitting it's intellectuality , surrenders to the lotus feet which attracts the Grace of Rasik saint. The devotee feels impregnated with the feelings of affinity for God and says,

'Oh souls of the world ! today I have found the treasure of Divine -love without any effort , just like a person accidentally finds a precious jewel lying on the ground .When  I  became truly prideless and humble , and  finally I looked upon Krishn's kindness and Grace ,the Rasik Saint revealed the Divine secret to me. Having recieved that Bliss I became Divinely deranged in the joy of krishn's excelling love. Such a priceless love is not recieved by any material price or by any other means, but only through the Grace of Krishn-name.
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