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We spoke of the person in whom burns the Flame of Divine.This person is beyond the material world.

But there is flame of the lower mind. This flame is burning in the 'modern 'countries and is the source of unrest.This flame must be extinguished.This must be tended and trained. Untrained ,this flame seperates man from man ,nation from nation and stirs up hate and wars.This is the flame of  desires,passion,anger,egoism.

There is the flame of breath [prana] . when kept in control the pranic currents will vitalise the physical body and give it health and strength.If this is not kept under restraint then  the physical body will suffer and may not live for long.  

There is  the Flame of the Soul[atman].It is the flame of Divine.This inner flame is stimulated by mantras[ sacred vibrations],Sankirtan[ congregational singing] and meditation.
When two or more are gathered together in sankirtan to chant [hymns]and sing the the Names of the Lord or Hari Nama,the place is magnetised,the hall becomes a healing center,the city is purified and the mind is clarified..
This helps us to grow in God --life ,purifies the  heart and awakens the seeker.Mechanical repetition of name has no effect on the purity of the mind ,it is only effective when it is remembered with a desire to love and see God.You want to stay away from trance ,as that has nothing to do with devotion.
But one needs a teacher [ Master ] to help you to hear the Name [Nama] in your heart. And when you hear the name ,love springs in your heart.
A devotee,longing for the vision of his beloved lord,krishn chants.
O my loving krishn! you are the light and delight of my eyes.Please give me the Divine vision and Love. Your eyes are ocean of love and are intoxicated with the warmth of your intimate love.You are holding the flute in your hand.Your curly hair is elegantly falling on your lotus face.A peacock feather diadem is gently swaying on your forehead.O my soul beloved Krishn! Now come to me immediately ,otherwise my life-breath may depart in your separation
Chanting,remembering or repeating the same literal sounds [say 'Krishn'] is Divine and Blissful for saints,rejoicing for a true devotee and dull and monotonous for a materlistic person.
Poeple experience Divine or material world according to their own nature and mentality.
Kirtan is a participatory call and response music experience that originated in India centuries ago. It is one of the oldest sacred music traditions of the world. Because of its Indian roots, many of the chants are sung in Sanskrit, although they can be sung in English. Kirtan helps the mind to become quiet, and when the mind is quiet we can open to the experience of peace.
For a wordly person ,the name is simply a holy word; for a selfless devotee ,it becomes a means of devotional awakening ; and for a saint ,it is always Divine. In todays age of Kali . People reach God through His name, so its usefulness is greater than God Himself.

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare
Hari Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare


Lord Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu appeared during an eclipse on the full moon night of March in Mayapur India about 500 years ago. .

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