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I am The Flute , You Are The Music

Life is Short, and the opportunity is exceptional . Don't waste it in Idle talks and illusive entertainments of the world .The mistake could be irreparable, and you may not get a chance to repent.
Remember lord Krishna every moment .
Love Him, live for Him , and you will recognize that Krishna is  really very close to you.

Only a true Saint can impart Divine Love to a devotee ,and thus,His initiating act [whatever it might be] is called Initiation in true sense.
To Impart Devotional Love to the Disciple is called Initiation [Dikcha].
Any sincere person attending the satsang of a saint recieves vibrations of devotinal love according to his faithfulness and mental purity.This is general Grace of a Saint for all , but in such cases he does not take the responsibility for whether any person succeeds in his devotion or falls . Being unattached to everyone he simply distributes Divine love.
They only take care of the Devotee who fully surrenders to the Him and excepts Him as his Master faithfully
Satsang means a faithful association with a true Saint . Sat means Divine , and sang means association.

The practical form of surrender is servitude therefore a saint accepts physical  and monetary service from the devotee for  his mission. Because on the basis of servitude the 

When a devotee collects much information in his mind  by listening to various ideologies, a confused devotee is no longer a devotee and starts receding from his or her devotional consciousness.This way we leave impressions in our mind ,which later on become sanskars. So one should only listen to an enlightened Master ,who has come to guide the true seekers on the path of divine Love.
A correct understanding of Divine goal, a correct knowledge about Devotion ,and a right approach to a True Saint or Spritual Master ,all these are compulsory for a true and correct devotion to start , otherwise they are useless.
Service and devotion to a true saint create the Highest Good sanskars. Feeling  of selfless love and longing for God create the Higher  good Sanskars
and other good deeds create normal good sanskars. In the same way ,a sinful action or insulting attitude towards saint creates the Highest bad sanskars. Talking malice towards God creates Higher bad sanskars and sinning aganist wordly people creates normal bad  sanskars.

One has to know the difference between material consciousness and Devotional consciousness.

A person remains in material consciousness because his wordlly understanding makes him believe that his desired pleasures are obtained by making money , and so he runs after that. No mattter how much he attains ,he remains dissatisfied because the pleasure which he recieves through sensual gratifications stays only in the mind ,it does not reach the soul.
 All feelings of pleasure and pain begin ,develop and remain on the mental plane. Mind is the producer and enjoyer of its own thoughts,which are formed by faithful thinking about an enjoyable object or relationship
.The object has nothing to do with our feelings. It is only our mind which imagines ,covets and experiences its own creations.
The senses and the body follow the decisions of the mind because the mind is the governor of the body.

It is scientifically and scripturally proved that the attainment of
Divine  love ,which is the greatest urge of our inner self, is not possible by rituals, worshipping formalities , intellectual meditation , painstaking yog or dry learning of gyan . It  is only attained by the Grace of krishn. Divine love is the personal and inner most power of absolute Divinity and the soul is under the influence of material world [maya] , which will not leave the soul unless ordered by the supreme governor and master Shree krishn.
When a person recieves the right understanding [knowledge] that wordly relations are simply bodily relations which are perishable and that he is eternally related to krishn, he experiences the unreality of bodily relations and desires to know and see Eternal Beloved.]
Knowledge means a true understanding of his relationship with His or Her Beloved.
krishn Himself is Divine love personified.
This is attained through the Grace of krishn which requires complete mental unity [through surrender] of the Devotee.
Selfless love towards krishn is surrender.

means to unite
Gyan means knowledge.
Tattvamasi means ,the soul is eternal servant of God.

However, when a sincere desire to see God is developed, the person should follow the guidelines of single-minded devotion to his beloved God Who is his true friend and Who is eternally waiting for him to Grace him with the Divine vision and the Divine love.

'O  Krishn ! You are mine, and I am yours' is the real knowledge and consciously remembering this relationship so as to engross oneself in the form and love of God ,is the real devotion or unity [yog]

A Human is nothing by himself, but  is everything when he or she has  realized God and attuned his or her life ,to dwell in the Divine and enjoy the ocean of Bliss and serve God humbly. 
Buddha taught us to purify ourself and have compassion for all creatures.
Jesus Christ asked to love all beings as we love ourselves.
Krishn taught us to see the Divine in each and everyone in the world.
Mohammed taught us to submit to the will of God and be his instrument

Unless we become Divine ,its Divineness
remains concealed.
It is the devotee's purity , sincerity and his love for krishn which makes it possible to experience the sweetness of the name. So one should not think that mere repetition of a holy word [name] will reveal God or award spiritual experiences.One has to meditate along with the name and surrender at the lotus feet of the Lord.
To experience the Divine vibrations in the atmosphere , created by the Divine souls , mental surrender is necessary,not only physical presence, because the impurities our in the mind which need purification. It is the purified mind that experiences the Divine vibrations. One has to surrender to the saint mentally , because the Saint is pure in heart , through them we are able to see and experience the divine leelas.

(1) All kinds of intellectual and technical meditations where a meditator tries to enter into a thoughtless state of the mind.
(2) All kinds of dogmatic and non-dogmatic religions of the world where God is impersonal or of a celestial nature.
3) Practices that are of the psychic nature, or they are supposed to give any kind of energy to the practitioner to heal or to work a small-time miracle. (They are all related to the rajogun and the tamogun of maya.)
(4) Those religious practices where “absolute nothingness ” or just a soul-like energy, is the ultimate truth.
(5) Observing rituals, religious fasting and general worship to any form of God (as described in our scriptures) in order to receive His boon for family welfare. (They relate to the sattvagun of maya if sincerely practiced.)
6) True yogic practices. (Yogic practices according to the rules of Yog Darshan relate to the sattvagun of maya.)

The first four kinds of practices have no concern with God or the apar or par dharm of Sanatan Dharm. However, all of these practices relate to the mayic field of sattvagun, rajogun and tamogun depending upon the practitioner’s bent of mind. The practices which are done with a sincere and sattvic mind may produce sattvic results. But, being related to the mayic field, all the karmas of these practitioners are classified as ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ and thus they are fructified according to the karmic rules of the universe.

Wholehearted and single-minded devotion to  God (or any of the affiliated Divine powers of Vishnu, Shiv or Durga) with a desire to receive the Divine vision and the Divine Bliss relates to the power of Grace. This is called bhakti or divine-love-consciousness which reveals all the exciting Divine experiences of the Divine abodes from Vaikunth to Divine Vrindaban according to the form of God a devotee is worshipping.





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