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Divine Love Devotion
Divine love Devotion,is of divine status. This love is rare and is recieved to one in a million.When one recieves Divine love the effects of the  material world are eliminated.The doors of spiritual fortune open.The fountain of Bliss flows in the heart of the Devotee.Such love is very rare. The false wordly attachtments vanish.The senses,mind ,body and heart become pure and attached to our true beloved,who is Divine,pure, eternal and full of Bliss.

How to achive this love?
By crying ,singing his glories,doing devotion
everyday,reading the scriptures and understanding and applying the rules and  laws of the Divine in everyday life style.Remembering God constantly and serving  in humility.And surrendering in devotion .

Then may be He will send his representative ,a Holy person to guide us . By his or her help we may be able to get rid of our darkness and follow the path to freedom.Spirituality is caught not taught.
Truth has to be experienced it cannot be purchased.

Devotion is selfless offering of the heart and not devotional  formality

Ordinary meditation is a concentrarion on a piticular form and one obsorbs in the beauty.

But remembrance is a concentration on the feeling of affinity with Krishna,and one obsorbs in love of that  beauty.

Meditation is done for the obsorption of the mind.
Remembrance is done for the evolution of love.

Devotion To God must be exclusive .The Mind must not  be attached to anything or anyone except God And Guru.
Sense organs can be taken  along if you wish.
As we love our family members ,our wealth and even our body ,we should make an attempt to love God. The manner of loving is same ,whether it be the Divine or material
world.Our only problem is that we have decided in our mind that the world is ours and therefore we are channelling all our love towards the material world . But there is no true Happiness in the material world ,it is transient. If we live more on the concept that we are Divine beings and true happiness is within us  ,then the  mind will start to except this and experience the true Bliss . This will happen with devotion and practice
through the mind.
Mind can take us beyond the material realm ,while living in this body and enjoy the True Happiness.

Devotion has to done with purity and real love.

Divine Matters can never be understood bystudying scriptural texts. Without  experience or pre-perception the understanding of any word is not possible. God being Divine cannot be perceived by material senses. They must be accepted with faith and God's Grace.

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