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Man is not meant to crawl and creep on the earth .He has the capacity to fly to the Ultimate.

The world is suffering too much because for the first time in history of human consciousness,man has lost track of the existence.People have never starved spritually so much as today.Unless man becomes rooted in existence again man has no future.
Man has potential of becoming a song of love ,a dance of love,but may be a handful transform their potential into actual.
People go to temples, synagogues,churches,only out of fear,not out of love.We cling to God out of desperation,and not out of gratitude or love.
To really experience real beauty ,and to live in abundance ,feel joy , be Blissful and happy,the contact to the inner reality and the guide is must.A single living contact with existence is enough ------- You will never be the same again

The Exciting Sound Of Krishn's Flute Has Awakened So Many Souls.

The Eternal Bliss of God with its unlimited virtues omnipresently exists in this mayic creation in form of his ' names'
which are absolutely synonymous with the  virtues of the Divine forms of God in their respective  Divine abodes.
These names are the only means of realizing and reaching God in your desired form; but you have to remember them with faith , dedication and proper understanding. The easiest way of their remembrance is through Chanting.[Kirtan]
The most beautiful ,Blissful and loving form of God Is Radha Krishn of Divine Vrindaban.

Only Faith is the qualification ,there is no physical or intellectual technique to adopt and there is no strict binding or daily schedules.
You only have to maintain a feeling of Divine relationship, and the remembrance of the given name will itself reveal its powers of Divine love in your heart.

Divine love Devotion is the way of life . It makes the life worth living and it appears as divine - sweetness which is tasted in every walk of life..

As your trust  grows, your Bliss grows. Faith is simply a uniting factor. It unites the mind with the object and the object produces the result according to its nature. So Love and faith must be in the right place to achive a right result. Gopi's loved Krishn as their beloved and they recieved Divine Love. Faith in material relationships will give wordly results . This is the rule that a person recieves the qualities of that personality whom he adores.

As your doubt grows ,your tension grows, misery grows.Doubt ultimately ends in anguish and anxiety.

The Greater the faith,the stronger the Spirit of inquiry and stronger the the spirit of inquiry ,the deeper the attainment of Enlightment.To inquire is to keep on knocking at the door.
And as Jesus said:-" knock,and it shall be opened unto you".
Jesus says that the Kingdom of God is within you.That is essential teachings of all awakened ones.
Dont seek and search outside yourself ,you will remain empty. The real riches are part of your interiority,of your subjectivity ,of your soul.
Ordinary humanity is  an extrovert.
Science can never be a shelter for man.
It can give you comfort ,convenience,
inventions and can be a good servant .
but cannot give you Happiness,Celebration,Bliss and Benediction.
Once you know yourself and are connected to the inner reality then you can freely roam the planet ,your inner peace and meditation will remain undisturbed.

Faith is the Foundation of the Journey.
Each age needs a new kind of sprituality,and messengers keep coming,a messenger is nothing but a man who translates the eternal truth for contemporary man.Abraham is one of those great messengers of God.
We need the real eyes to recognise the Divine beings [ The Saint ],who still are living among us and will always live on this planet Earth.

The scientists say that a single memory system,a single human mind can contain all the libraries of the world, that much capacity is there.But even if one contains all the wordly knowledge ,one will still remain the same fool and not become a Buddha.This would not transform one's being .If one wants to transform the being one has to go beyond all theories,ideologies, doctrines,scriptures.
One has to go beyond words,beyond mind.Then a new life begins of where lord gives one  ,a  Divine mind to enjoy his love and presence.


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