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Grace Is All In All
When grace comes to us ,our hearts become perfectly  pure and we overflow with love for all beings.
Our minds turn towards God only by His Grace and makes us yearn for Him.
What comes first Faith or Grace?
The saints with highest experience proved that Grace comes first.Without grace we cannot have faith in God.
Our Ego is the biggest barrier that blocks the flow .But with the help of a saint and devotion one comes to know about Grace and works on the path to surrender.
We cannot get Grace by virtue of our so called merits.The worst sinner has recieved Grace and became pure and Glorious.Purity is not a precondition for Grace .When Grace comes,not because we deserve it ,nor as a reward for sadhana,but only out of God's boundless mercy and love.
The first Grace a person recieves, is the form of human body. Then with the Grace of lord Krishn a person has association of a true Saint.
The experience of the Divine -love is attained through the Grace of that Saint . But we have to surrender our self to A Saint.

The Master's kind thought is not a mere thinking ,it is Divine ,which takes the form of devotional or divine - love -consciousness in the heart of the devote and it is called the 'Grace ' of a Saint.. Thus the Divine love or bhao are embodied grace of the Master ,which  a devotee attains and experiences according to the extent of his or her love and surrender.

If the devotee does his devotions properly and remembers his Guru faithfully ,he or she recieves his grace.
The fortunate devotee ,who will maintain his or her faith in a true spiritual master ,will experience the sweetness of Radhe krishn Beauty.


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