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The Nature Of Divine Love

The love is divine , it is selfless, and is ever increasing . A saint who is looking at a Divine play [lila] of Krishn realises an ever- new beauty with every glance, so the charm of the view always remains new.Nothing repeats in  Divine love,it is fresh and pure and ever increasing. In the heart of Krishn 'Love stays in the form of Grace', which means the desire  to impart maximum pleasure of love to his beloved. The beloved in return love to serve krishn. Desire is on both  the sides--desire to Grace and Desire to Serve. Gopi's served krishn with their body , mind and soul. They merged their ego in the love of their beloved .That is why in their body ,heart,soul,and every breath they experienced only Krishn's presence.
Their activities,desires,thinking were only to please Krishn.They loved Krishn  more than their own soul.
The gopi's are one with Krishn, they are never seperate yet they realize the pleasure of meeting with Krishn .Krishn plays with His own self, as he is the full bloomed form of Divine Love , who is content in his ownself, yet imparts pleasure and love to the Gopi's.
The enjoyment of the saint with his Beloved , Lord is same.
Meera said: My Beloved lives in my body, in my mind, in my soul. He is so much one wih me , that I cannot find a place where He is not.
The Gopi's simultaneously experienced two expressions, the feeling of seperation and the pleasure of meeting. .This divine play is beyond human intellect , even the Gyanis cannot understand the gopi's love with their divine intellect, so how can wordly person do so. Udhao , the forrmost gyani and yogi , Krishn's intimate friend
was puzzled to see the Gopi's love .
In the divine abode , The preceiving and experiencing faculty [the divine mind] is itself the Divine -Love - Power.
The Divine body, senses, is it self a form of divine love power.
So everything in the Divine world  is
eternal embodiment of Divine love.

Divine love eliminates the effects of material world, sprouts the current of Divine pleasures in the heart.Opens the spiritual fortune for a devotee and attracts krishn's love in the heart.
Such love is very rare and purifies the devotee's heart completely and destroys all the sins along with the veil of Maya which holds the soul imprisoned in the material world.
Divine love reveals Divine knowledge , Divine form and Divine Blissfulness Of the Lord.

Most of the gopis are eternal companions of Krsna.The conditioned soul is subjected to birth and death, either by pious or sinful activities, but the gopis who began to meditate on Krsna transcended both positions and became purified and thus elevated to the status of the gopis already expanded by His pleasure potency. All the gopis who concentrated their minds on Krsna in the spirit of paramour love became fully uncontaminated from all the fruitive reactions of material nature, and some of them immediately gave up their material bodies developed under the three modes of material nature.

 Divine love of Radha Krishna is the Sole Essence of the Whole Divine Phenomena

Love means surrender.

When a person is in love his or her desires and attachments are centred in the loved person and he desires to love him more and more. Love is the apparent form of faith and confidence in some one. In the  same way , you have to transfere your faith to Radha and krishn and believe that they are your real friends, relatives and guardians.Who can grace you with real love ,the Divine love. Divine  love naturally weakens your material mind and fills it with devotional love.

Attachments persist due to the hope of getting pleasure or love from an object.Hope is nothing but a desire , which is due to the absence of real love, That real love is Divine love.

 Lust and love are two totally opposite feelings.The desire to constantly give is Love,and the process of give and take is business. Wherever there is any desire to beg from one's beloved , it is not love. Where there is an ever -increasing desire to give ,even after having given everything ,that is love.Hence , no man in the world can love in the true sense of the term, because each and everyone is selfish. Each one desires happiness of the self, therefore there is always a constant longing to recieve and not give. And selfish love comes to an end. This kind of love decreases, whereas Divine love increases , and is pure.The desire to please our lord Krishn alone is love.
There is Devotional Divine love consciousness,the devotee's state.
The other is Ultimate Divine love consciousness ,the saints state { Graced by Krishn].
Love is the supreme power which governs all other Divine powers. That is why when a saint attains Love , is worshipped by other Divine personalities. One should seek the Love and not only vision.Love includes vision but vision does not include love.

The ignorant wish for worldly pleasures,the wise think of getting perfect peace and liberation from world miseries,the wiser ones desire the Divine -vision of God Head personality and the wisest are those who choose to recieve Divine - love

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