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Devotion To God

The best form of meditation is the personality of Guru; the object of worship is the feet of Guru; the mantra to follow is the order of Guru; and the source of Divine experience is the Grace of Guru.

There is two kinds of existence in two different dimensions, Material and Divine. Material pleasure is always imperfect . The material mind can never realize Divine happiness,even if  it is purified.
The mind has to be divinised, otherwise  there is no hope of recieving  perfection and realizing the Divine Bliss. With that Divine mind the eternal happiness and divine love is realized.
Divine power God is not an energy. He is kind and  merciful .He can divinise the mind of a devotee by His Grace. Divine form of God is seen by divine mind and senses,not material.

Devotion Or Meditation should be absorbed into all the activities of life. Devotion is   meant to reduce worldly attachments and to unite oneself with Krishna .Longing to meet Him, is both devotion and the remembrance,which should be assimilated into every breath of life and should be absorbed in every day activity  of life


Higher material powers are so miraculous that a human mind cannot imagine. A yogi is capable of creating a new world with all the luxuries in any desired space, yet all is material, and everywhere in the material kingdom desires and anxieties rule the hearts of people.
So one should not run after miracles but should try to understand and enter into the real Divine path of Surrender.
The mind gets attracted towards the amazing powers ,but the yogic powers are most difficult to adopt for ordinay people. Still , If someone is capable of following the practices and the strict rules are discribed in Patanjali -yog-sutras, and if some yogi achieves certain  yogic powers called yogic siddhis,he still holds human weaknesses and the vanity of the mind that restricts him from surrendring to Godhead personality. The desire for fame and honor is common in yogis. The desire for fame only sudsides after entering into divine -love -consciousness.
The originator of yog [raj yog ] patanjali has himself written that sincere and true practice of yogic meditation purifies the heart and gives miraculous material powers but remain under maya.
God realization is only possible by the His Grace, and Grace is attained by love and surrender . Material power is subordinate to God ,so without surrending to God no one can cross it.
Bhakti yog liberates a person from material bondage and ensures Divine love. 
The Divine -love-devotion will ensure everything, complete purufication of the heart ,complete knowledge of the self, liberation from material bondage and sweetest experience of Divine love.

 Most meditaions are done on the intellectual level of the mind and are related to a pirticular structure of mind.
Like subtling of the thoughts
silencing the thoughts
unattached  observation of the thoughts
In the first case ,your consciousness may expand to observe the subtle thoughts, still your attainments remain on the mental level only . Even if one recieves psychic abilities ,he still remains on the material plain without any change in the quality of the mind and desires.
In the second case we find that the person merges his thoughts in listening [to imaginary music] or seeing [ light] in his meditation and tries to stop the thinking.He can minimize the force and amount of thoughts ,and become proud of  his attaiment. But after a prolonged practice he would only  like to sit and think of nothing.
Thoughts can never be eliminated totally, if thoughts are totally subsided ,the person will be  fast
asleep .
In  the third case , the person is totally on the conscious intellectual -level. The meditator develops a kind of self -imposed intellectual illusion of confused consciousness. He perceives the wordly objects ,but at the same time he thinks that he is not the perciever; he feels the attraction of sensual objects and enjoys it but at the same time he tries to believe that he is not the enjoyer.
The faculty of thinking , perceiving and experiencing is the mind,which appears as ego in the conscious stage. Thus every mental activity is based on ego.
So how can it deny its own experience, this is pure self- deception.

All our thoughts our in the mind and soul has no faculty of  thinking. A person can have faith in this  truth that actually he is soul, he is not mind,and that a soul is natural subordinate part of the Divine and the external servant of Godhead Personality. But he can never think he is not mind , because mind itself is the ego which always appears as 'I' in the conscious state.
This is the reason after  a lifetime 
effort, the meditator simply increases his hypocritical vanity and remains attached to his wordly affairs. They always remain in the material consciousness. A person can enter a psychic consciousness but can not over come material weakness , greed , lust  and emotions which bind the person , nor cross the cycle of birth and death.

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