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The process of Divine love Devotion is natural and scientific. By faithfully remembering Radhe and Krishn you will neutralize your material weaknesses with out any extra effort.
Krishn says in Gita [ 9/12 ]
Those who surrender  [ with selfless love ] to me, I dwell in them and they dewll in me. ,but for others I am netural
The meditation in Divine Love Devotion is emotional, not intellectual. It starts directly from surrender. There is no intellectual effort, there is no technical meditaion and there is no mental contemplation. There is submission of Ego in the love of God that , "I am yours, " and there is retention of affection in the conscious mind that ,"you are mine." This is based on pure love for Radhe and Krishn.
The aim of devotional meditation is to purify the mind by concentrating on the Divine form.
The mind comes to stillness either in deep thinking or in non thinking . In normal states it is fickel. Deep thinking is possible if there is deep attachment but non-thinking is not possible unless all attachements are eliminated because the mind always thinks of those things to which it is attached. And attachment
persist due to the hope of getting happiness or love from the object or person. Hope is nothing but a desire, which is due to the absence of real LOVE .
Unless Divine Love is achived ,desires and attachements can never be totally eliminated from the mind.
Peace is a stage of no worry ,but happiness and love are realizations.
When you find love you forget eveything because both peace and plesaure are included in love. Thus your real urge is to find love and so the mind wanders among wordly  personalities to find it.
A meditator who intellectually consoles the mind to give it peace is actually preventing it from enjoying the wordly pleasures at hand. He is snatching that 'something " from the mind without giving it anything in return.
Thus, it is an unwise effort to forcefully stop the running of the mind into its affectionate areas.Such efforts are bound to fail because a person is bound to follow the psycological instincts of his mind. That is why when one sits in meditaion and intellectually forces or tries to take ideas out of his mind he fails ,some pious devotees may suceed to some extend but the process is against the nature of the mind.
If a person insistently continues to follow this process of intellectual concentration and keeps on remembering his wordly attachments , hypocrisy will develop in his mind instead of purification.
The aim of devotional meditaion is to purify the mind by concentrating on the Divine Form. This is the attachment to God. This attachment is pure so it helps us to purify our mind .This is Deep thinking .

The happiness you recieve from the world reaches to a certain depth in your mind , but the proclamation to recieve total contentment comes from the very bottom of your mind which is next to your Soul.

Material  joy , happiness , pleasure and felicity can never reach the bottom of your heart and mind. There remains a big gap, and that gap can be observed by you if you sincerely think over it alone.
Material truth is the experience and perception of temporay discontented pleasures of the material life, with a growing hope for fullfillment in future that can never happen because  'the present ' is always wholly or partially discontented
The Divine truth is God Himself, Who is Absolute Bliss, Love  and Beauty; Who is loving , kind  and freindly; Who is eternally yours and always with you in every situation.


Mind is the Governor of the body.
All the feelings of pleasure and pain begin , develop and remain on the mental plane. Mind is the producer and enjoyer of its own thoughts which are formed by the faithful thinking about an enjoyable object or relationship. The object has nothing to do with our feelings. It is only our mind which imagines , covets , and experiences its own creations. These Pleasures and images have no physical existence. They are false , so their enjoyment is also false , but because the mind has enjoyed something it hopes to enjoy more.

The senses enjoy the decisions of the mind because the mind is the governor of the body.

The problem is that each and every person is just living in their own world irrespective of the reality and we want to believe what we have, is real. But it isn’t. And this is the power of the mind to make you believe that all false is real. Mind has the tremendous power, tremendous power! Nothing can supersede that.

So when you meditate your level of awareness rises up. When you meditate you awake your consciousness. And this is which finally gives you the control, the control of yourself, not of the mind. I am saying this because mind is nothing, just a shadow. And if someone wants to hold the shadow, should not be trying to hold the shadow directly, should do something to hold the object of which the shadow is being produced.Sometimes children want to grab their own shadows. They run to catch it but as fast as they would run, the faster the shadow would run because it is their own shadow. If they run, their shadow run if they stop their shadow stop.
Mind is just a shadow, so all this running and cackling of the mind cannot be controlled by being in the periphery of the mind. If you wish to do so, then you will have to learn the methods and the ways to come out of this mind. Be an observer of this mind. Be unattached with the mind. Then only we can understand the whole mechanism and then only we are able to use it. Now it is using us. By meditation we get this ability to use the mind. Then we become the master, not the mind. And truly speaking, then only we live.

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