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God is one for all ,and all souls are parts of the Divine
. Soul is Eternally related to God. The word God is like the word 'color' which could only be recognized and obtained when you describe the name, like blue or green color. Similarly the relationship with God is recognized and becomes evident only when a person develops faith in one particular form of God which has a proper name.
The personality of an individual is formed of body ,mind and soul. The soul is related to God but mind and body are related to maya [material world]. That is why mind is naturally attracted  to material creations.
The Livening power in your body is the soul, and that is real You.
Mind is an eternal affiliate ,and body is a transitory affiliate to the soul which dies and reincarnates.
Mind  is eternal , so the karmas and its sanskars are also eternal [anadi]. Mind is eternal form of maya. On its own ,it does not know about the soul's relationship to God ,and it always recognizes and enjoys the objects of the mayic world, and its mayic relations through the perception of the material world.
This state of the mind is called Ignorance [agyan].
So the mind has to be taught the truth about your true relationship with God. When the mind really understands this truth , which is Gyan [Knowledge] ,then the person wholehheartedly begins to worship God in the personal form. Then the wordly ties are loosened , because his mind and heart is now tied up in love with God. Who is, in fact ,his true and eternal Divine beloved.

Soul Is Not God .Soul is covered with the cosmic power. When it becomes purified with the Grace Of Krishna , it stands substantially similar to Truth. Still remains infinitesimal and dependent on Krishna. Just as wave cannot become the ocean. So the soul cannot become God , it remains the servant of Lord krishna. 
The Bhagwatam says that by desireless devotion  [Bhakti ]to Krishna ,these material sheaths are not only eliminated, but completely burnt up for ever ,and a Divine Body is given to the Devotee for the realization of Divine -Love.

The elimination of material layers from the soul.
There are five material layers [ kosh] which envelop the soul. According to non-dualistic philosophy , unless these sheaths are eliminated ,the soul cannot attain unity with Beloved God.
The physical body [ annmaya kosh ]
The Astral body and life breath  [pranmaya kosh]
The mind [ manomaya kosh ]
The transcedental intellect   [vigyanmaya kosh]
The pleasure of transcendence 
[anandmaya kosh]

Yog and Gyan are honoured when they are attached to devotion [Bhakti] .

God always resides within each and every soul. During creation He looks after the karmas of all the souls and , out of kindness , makes general privileges to all the souls and special privileges to the devotees according to the Divine system. He is then called [Antaryami Brahm] the omniscient God.
Apart from that He is also omnipresent in the world with all of His forms, that's how every devotee,on the complete purification of his heart , recieves the Divine Vision of his adored form of God.
All the Jagadgurus have accepted that God Himself became the Universe. He Himself is the cause and effect . Upnishad says that God is has produced Himself in the form of everything,whatever is seen and observed in the universe.
If God is the substance of this creation why dont the souls experience the Bliss of God , and if maya is the main substance of this creation how do the saints experience only Bliss of their beloved form of God,and not the distortion of maya, and it is not possible to mix the two because God is only Bliss and maya is anti- Divine ,lifeless power.
Both situations Are true. This world is mundane for a soul, but for a gyani Saint this world is the form of Brahm.
For a vishnu bhakt saint it is form of Vishnu, For ram bhakt saint it is form of Bhagwan Ram,and for a rasik saint the same world is the form of Radhe Krishn.
SO God is omnipresent and has become everything. Just like water is omnipresent in the ice block, it means that water itself became the ice block.
All the bodies are made of earth and finally terminate into the earth. Like A seed is the form of the earth ,and has all kind of properties inside and later as it grows adopts the shape of these properties in the from os an evolved tree, but the soil part is not seen , neither in the seed nor in the tree.

Similarly , God allows the mayic manifestation to happen on His own base,so virtually He Himself is the universe , but ,at the same time , this universe is also the manifestation of mayic properties and qualities which form the mind and body of the souls.

This is the reason that the mayic souls can only experience the mayic phenomena, they cannot oberserve the Divine Omnipresence in the universe, and the saints ,whose mind and senses have become Divine with the Grace of God , can only experience the Divine aspect of this world in the form of their beloved God. They can never observe mayic qualities of the world because it disappears for them.

Maya and three gunas are the qualities [ raj ,tam & sat ] they dont have their own mayic base ,thats why they are lifeless. They are sheltered in the Divine. Maya and gunas are one single thing. So maya is just an abstract character or quality which resides in God and its every phase of existence is fully dependent upon God. Its character and qualites are evolved in form of this world on base of God. That's why is said that god Himself became this universe, because without Him this universe would have not exisited.

This form of God is call Virat Purush. Sometimes it is called Sagun manifestation of God because it holds the gunas of maya along with the whole universe ,and thus ,in relationship to that , His pure Divine form is called Nirgun. But primarily ,Sagun Brahm means the Divine personal form of God.
God always remains in His own Divine Glory even while acting as hiranyagarbh.
He remains omnipresent with all of his forms and virtues in this universe
well as inside every soul.

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