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A Soul Becomes A Saint Only Through Surrender. Surrender Itself Is The Greatest Devotion.
The disciple who has the good scriptural knowledge and fulfills  the gurus wishes ,belongs to the highest class. He has to sacrifice his wishes and ambitions for the service to his guru.
Only an evolved devotee can do this and God realization is certain for this kind of disciple.
Surrendering is ceasing to claim the right to his or her body , mind, and soul, and putting them at the complete disposal of the Guru. Acording to the faith and the purity of the heart ,a person surrenders and recieves a corresponding response in the form of protection and Grace from the Guru. Only the Grace of Guru ,not devotion ,ensures Divine love ; and this is the secret of Divine Vision which a devotee should know.

             Divine Love Consciousness

A Devotee needs Protection during his or her devotional period. After complete
purification of the heart , it is only the saint [ the Guru ] imparts his ultimate Grace in the form of Divine Love  which ensures the vision of Krishn.























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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