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Tears Of Love
Selfless yearning for God's Vision is Devotion. When yearning appears in the heart ,tears of love come ,these tears wash out the impurities of the heart. This is the only way of  purifying your heart , and qualifying you to taste the sweetness of Divine -love, otherwise devotion will remain dry,and meditation will become a routine.
Live Him ,breath Him ,and desire for His selfless love and service.

The Tears Are Flowers Of The Eyes.
Devotion is closest to the Divine.Feeling is deeper than thinking.People are acquainted with only one kind of tears , those of unhappiness. Tears also flow in compassion ,tears flow in joy ,tears flow in giving thanks ,in gratitude. Tears are only a sign that something is happening inside that is difficult to contain -- unhappiness or joy. Tears are an outlet. They are connected with over abundance . Whatever becomes over excessive , tears will absorb and wash away. So when a sweet pain penetrates in the heart  with  Divine love  and the tears flow with love and devotion  for the beloved ,these are the moments of real joy . Those who let tears flow are fortunate --they are strong .They don't bother what people say .
Crying for the Lord is a moment of Divine satsang.When you happen to come across some one crying for the God , sit near that person ,as those moments are Divine , perhaps you too can catch the infection of Divine Love.
Tears  are the first step towards krishn[the infinite].Tears indicate that you are melting ,you have become soft ,you have become warm ,you have dropped your cold intellect a little. A fire is lit ,heat is arising. These tears are not cold ,these tears are very hot. As these tears bring news of your melting . just as snow melts ,when your ego begins melting inside tears flow.

Meera wept unrestraindly . Cascades of tears flowed from  Mahabrabu Chaitanya's  eyes. These tears are indication of a state beyond Language.When you become incapable  of speaking ,the eyes say it with tears.When the intellect becomes incapable of speech , one says it by dancing . Here one transcends the boundries of the material realm and feels the presence of the beloved.
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