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The Flaming Soul [Master]

Wherever God is , Saint is there, and wherever Saint is, God has to be there. They cannot be seperate.
'O souls ! Listen , Saints serve and adore God and God serves and adores the true Saints,  thus there is no difference between the two. All the actions of a true saint are , in fact the actions of God because Saint doesn't do anything.God does all the actions through the Saint. '
'O Soul please do not judge the quality of Saint's actions with this mundane mind .
Saint's action only Gracious and there are several Divine reasons behind every action. '
Soul is under the control of Maya ,A saint holds maya under his command. 

A Saint's heart is never affected by material emotions,and whose heart is ever filled with Divine love is a saint.
Whose mind never leaves the refuge of Krishn's Lotus feet , even for a fraction of a second ,is a Saint.

A saint performs his action with his Divine powers.One who has attained the divine Vision of God and has his material nature destroyed altogether ,is far from passion,anger, greed and jealousy. 

A human being is like a prisoner , A saint like a jailor and God is the king in the material world . The jailor can come and go at his own will as he is not bound within the walls of the world . The king [God ] is the owner of this world. But the human being ,poor soul is under the bondage of this maya.God descends sometime on this planet earth,But the saints keep coming to help the souls ,But remember the mind and senses of the saint are Divine. He is governed by God.
While an ordinary person acts according to his own will and motive and so is responsible for his actions.

Saints actions are God's action and are divine for this reason a devotee recieves Divine benefit through every action of a true Saint.
Rasik Saints are very rare and their  writings and doctrines are original truth of the Vedas.
A Gyani or a Yogi ,who has attaind gyan through the grace of God ,is not fully out of the influence of maya as long as he lives in the world.

A saint is beyond the rule of material world, he does not wish for anything for himself, rather imparts His Grace to others through his actions.
Good and bad are born in the limitation of material world, and saint is beyond this. But the saint in every facet of life[ sleeping, talking, walking,or preaching ] he remains in a natural state of Divine ectasy and experiences Divine Bliss. All true saints who stay in the world to Grace the souls are called Guru or spiritual Master. krishn says, 'Those who are the devotees of my Devotees [saints] are more loving to me than those who try to do My worship on their own
All the true Saints who  stay in the world  to Grace the souls are called Guru or spritual master. The Saint is such a person who cannot do anything , but experience Divine -Love. Yet it is seen that Saints live in society and act. How does this happen? Through their Divine - power. They only work for the good of the soul. Saints of higher class reveals  higher Divine Power , and so a person should decide himself where to surrender. Uddhao ,being a gyani saint ,had to surrender to the gopies [rasik saints] in order to taste the sweetness of Krishn's love.

How will a material mind recognize a true saint, especilly in todays world ?

Unless a true spiritual master is found,  entrance into the right path of devotion is impossible  and to attaiment  Divine Love is also out of Question. Instead hundreds of idealogies , about saints ,God , devotion and Divine attainment have been propagated through preaching and puplications which ,instead of giving any enlightenment , have added a new confusion to the minds of the public. It is the nature of a true Saint to make every effort to draw the minds of the people towards the realization of Divine Love. All Saints carry the same mission of introducing the glory and the love of God to the people.

The main features of the essential nature of the Saint.
A true saint Never grants a wordly Boon. He only carries out Krishn's will.
He never initiates people with various names and forms of God.
He never exhibits any miricle.
 Saints live the life of an ordinary person and live a normal life.
A saint does not show pride of his being a saint, 
He is known by his virtues.
He or She never give false blessings. There is no prescibed order of life for a saint .
As saint is recognized by his divine expressions.
A saint radiates divine Love.
A saint never introduces a new concept about the form of God and His Devotion.

 What may one do to recieve the Divine love?

Come in Contact with a person who has Divine love in His or Her Heart . This is a very rare privilage.Out of life cometh life.The man of light will wake up within you the center of light.This person is of self- surrender.His daily pray is --: "Krishnam Saranam Gachchami ". He thinks on Him:,He is devoted to Him,His joy is in Him.What ever He does he offers unto Him. 
Meditation. Through meditation ,closing your eyes and thinking of the Holy person and The Divine personality, you gradually grow into harmony with them.Remember you can clean your clothes only with clean water otherwise they will remain dirty.
Same way we connect to  pure souls who have cleaned themselves with the Divine Grace and love and they can help us to become  pure and come out of the mundane life.

Love.The service of love . Offer with love and kindness. In every act of service ,whether done to a bird ,beast , poor or sick what you give is an offering to the Holy person or Divine personality.You are just a tool which God is using to serve His people.
This is how the mirrow of the Heart is cleansed of impurities.Then we become ready to recieve the Divine Grace and love.

Lord Krishna said to His friend Uddhava:
"Know the Guru to be Myself (Lord Krishna).Never think unfavorably about Him. Do not use your material mind 
to comprehend His Divine actions,
for all forms of God dwell within the Guru."
Every Master or a saint gains the entire sum of knowledge during his development. That knowledge is gained by a definite line of individual endeavor and personal experience. It is not something gathered up by him from many sources , but it is gained from within himself by the expansion of his own consciousness.

Supernatural personalities [real saints ] are very rare. There are two types of saints . Nitya-siddha and sadan siddha.
Nitya siddha are those who are saints since eternity. They were never afflicted souls. They are representatives of God head personality Himself and are always one with him. Like Gopies, playmates of the lord, His mother and others. The people of the world ,who faithfully associate with them and follow their teachings ,enter the path of God Realization .
Sadan siddha ,saint has attained perfection in a regular way. First ,he was an ordinary soul ,attached to wordly enjoyments through countless lives . Then he surrendered to a real saint and did his devotion as a faithful devotee. Afterwards he became a saint with the Grace of his Guru and attained
The Divine association of Godhead Personality. 

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